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Before my son was born I relished the thrill of travel and the freedom to explore the world around me: running, climbing, hiking. 

Then I became a mum. And guess what? None of that passion changed. In fact I couldn’t wait to share the wonder of adventure with this amazing new person.

But I sometimes felt trapped. Like I was choosing between two lives. 

Lets be honest, when you are weighted down by worry and a ton of baby stuff, chasing the horizon together can seem like the highest mountain of all.

So I set out to explore ways of doing it differently. 

I took a deep breath, a leap of faith and said “goodbye” to my career as an officer in the Royal Air Force to follow a new dream.

Creating products that gave me the the freedom to be the mother I wanted to be. That allow all of us to make the most of our precious time and focus on discovering the world together.

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Founder of Toddle

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