The Massy Family

The Massys are a military family who love the outdoors! With two children, Matilda (4) and Hugh (18 months),in the UK they spent a lot of time buggy running, hill walking and exploring the local woods! Now living in the Falklands, they spend time on the beach, spotting penguins, dolphins and paddling in the surf, exploring the islands and having as many adventures as possible! In the Falklands, where the ozone layer is so thick, and there are often high winds, the Massys say our Toddle Sun and Wind Balm is perfect for their children to wear everyday, no matter the season or weather.

Instagram - @mamamassysmusings

The Roberts Family

The Roberts live in Anglesey, with Heidi (3) and Tecwyn (1) and have no shortage of stunning places for day trips, as well as enjoying trips away in their van - one highlight being waking up by the beach and seeing a seal as they stuck their heads out of their sleeping bags! They enjoy surfing and kayaking in the warmer months and biking and hiking all year round. 

Although it can be effort to get outdoors come stormy weather or bright skies, they're always more chilled and happier for doing so!

The McNelis Family

Daddy Mark is in the Army, whilst Mummy Charly has recently left the Army and now runs her own PT business, and along with the two younger McNelis', Phoebe (4) and Annabel (3) - they love the outdoors!

They love exploring the local areas, especially anywhere with woods and beaches, and spending time dog walking, feeding their chickens or horse riding is when they're at their happiest as a family!

They love anything involving mud, mess, fresh air and adventure, and with Daddy Mark returning from deployment overseas soon, junior parkruns and mud runs are on the cards this year!

Instagram - @charlymcnelispersonaltraining

The Morris Family

The Morris' are a family who love the outdoors and are always looking for a new adventure! Having recently moved to San Francisco, they spend time exploring their new home by mountaineering or trail running - allowing their children to explore as they grow!

From the Pacific Highway beaches to the redwood forests, they're always looking to introduce their children to new sports and make the most of their time in California. For the Morris', every day is an adventure.

Instagram - @catmorris1

The Collins Family

The Collins have always loved travelling and seeing the great outdoors, and when their little ones arrived, nothing changed! When their eldest boy arrived, they were living in North Wales and was exactly six months old when they carried him to the top of Snowdon in a baby carrier!

They moved into their motorhome Bertha and spent eight months travelling in their van, climbing mountains, cycling, rowing on lakes and swimming in the sea! With their third son having just been born, they are now moving to America.

Trying Toddle samples for their first time, they said the Sun and Wind Balm was so gentle that it actually improved their middle son's very sensitive skin - as well as protecting it! Our Toddle Lip Balm also saved them from the harshest of alpine winter cold!

Facebook - Travelling Toddlers in Motorhome Madness

The Grant Family

Charlotte, Grant and Jack (4) live in the Scottish Highlands, with Charlotte being a snowboard instructor, living between the USA and New Zealand and most recently moving back to Scotland in May 2015! A newborn and kids photographer, Charlotte also does some part time instructing and ski working at the mountain, except this winter she and Grant are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jack's little sister to arrive in February 2019!

Jack first put his snowboard on at around 2 years old, and although Charlotte won't be doing any snowboarding herself, she'll be taking Jack up at any opportunity. Their two dogs, a wire vizsla and a beagle often join them on their adventures too!

Instagram - @jack_minishredder

The Holt Family

Paul, Natalie and Macsen (4) make up the Holts, who live in the Cotswolds.

Macsen has always had a great relationship with the outdoors and loves it, first going to manor farm nursery and spending a lot of time outdoors from an early age, whatever the weather exploring! He's now also part of the under 5 rugby team, which Paul and Natalie coach!

In their free time, they love exploring, walking and cycling and often visiting family in Gower and having outdoor beach adventures on the coast!